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    • Steve Parker

      Rockstar Mentoring article

      For my views on why you should consider using a mentor please read the attached - then take that first small step by arranging a meeting with me!

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      • Inga Dahl

        Business | Success - Hint - Your Competitors Have No Idea Either!

        So, why be a copycat when you can create? Conversation on Friday with a new client who asked me to copy their competitors new wizz bang website... Him "I want you to model what they do Neil and make ours do the same" Me "Why, do you have access to the analytics and conversion results?" Him ...

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        • Sonia Brown

          Business | Success - Are you focused on the right things?

          How do you start out each business day? Overwhelmed and stressed or empowered and focussed. Too many people are running around in their business day, emotionally and physically disorganised and chaotic; hiding behind an “I’m so busy” ritualistic schedule. This may...


          • Paul Green

            What Are Your Plans For Success In 2014?

            If you haven't got the next 12 months mapped out ahead of you for your business, how do you know you're heading in the right direction? A business plan does not have to be complicated and run to 10's of pages. It should include your vision and your mission and then look at each of the pillars o...

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            • Jelena Fehmi

              Dea London News - We are proud to announce that we are now working with Sharon Rooney "My Mad Fat Diary" Star - Channel 4

              We are proud to announce that Dea London are working with Sharon Rooney the star of "My Mad Fat Diary" in providing outfits for some of her public events.  Sharon as you all know has recently been nominated for Best Actress at the upcoming Royal Television Society (RTS) Awards. A true risin...


              • Rockstar Business World

                Quotes from the Old Masters

                We're constantly impressed by the wealth of expertise and insight that our history has to offer us. While we love to remain at the cutting edge of mentoring, we also realise that there is a huge amount to be gained from some of the world's most successful historical figures. This is out t...

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                • Rockstar Business World

                  James Cash Penney - Founder of JCPenney - on growth

                  'Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.'

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                  • Rockstar Business World

                    Henry Ford on learning

                    'Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.'

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                    • Rockstar Business World

                      Henry Ford on achieving more...

                      'There is no man living who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.'

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                      • Rockstar Business World

                        Benjamin Franklin on growth and progress

                        'Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.'

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