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    • Emmah

      Tips for Managing Small Business Finances

      Financial management is critical to business success. Since small companies don’t have huge investment budgets, they need to make sure that every dollar goes to the right place. Most small business owners are struggling with revenue fluctuations, and they can’t afford to make mistakes...

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      • Emmah

        The Importance of Branding for Your Small Business

        One of the most important marketing principles is the rule of seven, which claims that in order to purchase your products or pay for your services, people need to come across your brand at least seven times. However, it can sometimes be incredibly difficult for a small business to make such an im...

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        • Tracey Clayton

          6 Tips for Organizing Your Small Business

          The first step towards productivity is being organized – the former is borderline impossible to achieve without the latter. Luckily, even without natural organizational skills, with the help of the internet, you can do wonders for getting your business and workspace organized. Here are 6 ti...

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          • Emmah

            Ways to Fund a Startup on a Tight Budget

            Every startup owner must endure difficulties and overcome challenges on their way to success. In fact, one of the most difficult challenges startups face is obtaining proper funding. Finances are always a thorn in the side of every business owner, especially startups since they still have no stab...

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            • Emmah

              Tips on Creating a Small Business Marketing Budget

              The current global market is highly competitive, so creating a positive brand image and spreading the word about your business is imperative. There’s no way your business is going to thrive (regardless of how good your products/services are) if your consumers aren’t aware of your busi...

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              • JBabic

                What Small Businesses Can Learn from Agile Methodology

                Since its formal inception in the early 2000s, the Agile methodology has transformed the way in which software is developed. It has transformed the industry, providing frameworks and methodologies for software development teams who wanted to speed up delivery times and address certain other issue...

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