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    • Inga Dahl

      Digital Marketing Insider interviews Norman Jackson

      The latest issue of The Digital Marketing Insider Magazine from features an exclusive interview with Norman Jackson, mentor of The Rockstar Group, with a big company experience, including Ernst & Young, Scottish & Newcastle and Mobil Oil.   For the last 30 years, ...

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    • How has the internet & social media affected selling? - by Michael Clark

      How has the internet & social media affected selling? - by Michael Clark

      Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with the World’s 1st Certified LinkedIn training company ( and we’ve launching them here in the UK (  We’re showing companies how to use LinkedIn as a comme...

      Tags: LinkedIn, online lead generation, evolved sales process, buying process, modern selling, sales, marketing, sales expert, social media

      • Steve Parker

        International trade - its not foreign to me!

        For my views on why you should consider exporting and exporting more, please read the attached document and then contact me to discuss and exchange ideas.

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        • Steve Parker

          Lets get companies taking on the world!

          We help companies to export for the first time or to get them into new markets on a daily basis. With live contacts in most markets worldwide and specialists who regularly visit them, we can get results faster. Talk to us.

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          • Steve Parker

            Mark Twain had the right idea all those years ago?!

            From the office wall....... "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do, than by the things that you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the tradewinds in your sails, Explore, Dream, Discover " Mark Twain  Couldn...

            Tags: exporting, international trade, sales, marketing, company development, product development

            • Abidemi Sanusi

              Free ebook: 'SEO Copywriting: How to Create Content that Search Engines Love and Also Sells'

              SEO Copywriting is a free guide to creating content that search engines love.   Download the ebook and find out how to:   Research keywords that your potential customers are already using to search for your products/services and which you can use to create your content and drive...

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              • Inga Dahl

                Business | Success - The SEO Trick That Lets you Rank On Page 1 Of Google Using Videos

                Here's the ROARlocal guide that shows you how to get your video to the top of YouTube search. First some facts to consider: * Google owns YouTube * Videos are 27% more likely to be clicked on in the search engine results than websites * Videos LOVE mobile phones * Given the choice between ...

                Tags: SEO, rank, google, video, youtube, marketing, business, clients, search, mobile, mobile phones, text, competition, channel, local, roar, roarlocal, keywords, longtailed keywords, title, influence, influences, credit cards, focus, site map, embed

                • Inga Dahl

                  Business | Success - Hint - Your Competitors Have No Idea Either!

                  So, why be a copycat when you can create? Conversation on Friday with a new client who asked me to copy their competitors new wizz bang website... Him "I want you to model what they do Neil and make ours do the same" Me "Why, do you have access to the analytics and conversion results?" Him ...

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                  • Inga Dahl

                    How to Set up the Perfect Google AdWords Campaign in 3 Hours

                    In this blog post, Libby, the Adwords/ PPC specialist from ROARlocal, shows you how to set up a really good Google AdWords campaign in just 3 hours! Get yourself a cuppa and get ready to rock the web! How to setup a google adwords campaign. I’ve worked in the Paid Traffic industry for o...

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                    • Inga Dahl

                      Growing your Local Business with Local Customers

                      Are you ready to grow your local business with local customers? In this master class, Rockstar Mentor, Geoff Kennedy will discuss: a) What is a local business b) How to attract local customers that are looking for you Now! c) Learn how to increase sales with local customers With over 2.8 mill...

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