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    • Inga Dahl

      Business | Success - Hint - Your Competitors Have No Idea Either!

      So, why be a copycat when you can create? Conversation on Friday with a new client who asked me to copy their competitors new wizz bang website... Him "I want you to model what they do Neil and make ours do the same" Me "Why, do you have access to the analytics and conversion results?" Him ...

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      • Emmah

        Starting Your Online Business Today – Top 4 Tips

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        • Tracey Clayton

          Ecommerce Business Essentials

          A lot of small business owners believe that the best way for expansion is to start selling their items online and, when done right, this course of action can be incredibly cost-effective. Unfortunately, some of them decide to offer their goods on platforms such as eBay, which A) hurts their profi...

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          • Romario Wanliss/Sarona McDonald

            Romario Wanliss/Sarona McDonald

            About Us Both Jamaican born. Both avid lovers of sport, including Taekwondo. Romario is a first degree black belt. Sarona attends the University of East London, completing a Psychology degree and Romario also works part time while managing the business. We are advocates of the LGBT communit...

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            • Emmah

              Awesome Ways to Make your Ecommerce Growth Sustainable

              The ecommerce market is growing at an astounding pace and is expected to reach $27 trillion by 2020. But, what does this actually mean? To a layman, these digits sound impressive. But, to you as a business owner, this means a lot of competition. And, if you don’t make your decisio...

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