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    • Rockstar Business World

      "The Importance of Branding" with the Rockstar Panel

      This is a short introductory taster from the Mentor TV episode entitled  " The Importance of Branding" with the Rockstar Panel To see the full prorgamme, you need to join as a member ( Free to join-Click here)

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      • Emmah

        Branding 101: A Visual Brand Identity Checklist

        No matter if you’re building a new brand or you’re just refreshing an old one, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into creating a brand that will catch the attention of the consumers. If you manage to build a consistent visual identity you’ll attract more customers but you...

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        • Tracey Clayton

          5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Brand Strategy

          There’s no doubt that establishing brand awareness and recognition has enormous value for a successful business. Every business aims at gathering more leads and establishing bigger revenues, and in the sea of activities that they undertake, brand strategy is the foundation upon which their ...

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