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      The Rockstar Mentoring Group is the UK's Number 1 mentoring organisation for entrepreneurs looking to grow or raise finance. Our mission since 2007 has been to achieve measurable goals for businesses at the SME level, Established and Start Up level. We fast track profit g...

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      • Chelsey Baker

        Chelsey is a leading business mentor and communications expert.

        Chelsey is a leading business mentor and communications expert with over 20 years experience in media. You started trading on the stock market at aged 19 – how did you get into it and how did you learn to do it?I was always fascinated by the stock market but never knew where to start until...


        • Hemant Palve

          Rockstar Webinar - How to manage cash flow for Startups - with Malcolm Durham

          How to manage cash flow for Startups - with Malcolm Durham Malcolm Durham will be sharing many powerful insights as to how you need to manage your cash flow successfully as a startup business. Just click here to Register and we will send you your unique webinar logins immediately: We'll be disc...

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            Great Webinar by Jonathan Pfahl yesterday

            Jonathan Pfahl put on an excellent webinar call Business Growth through mentoring. I recommend everyone views it.

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            • Rockstar Business World

              The Truth Behind Business Plans

                THE TRUTH BEHIND BUSINESS PLANS Written by Paul Comyn ( Mentor)   Investors and lenders want to buy into your plans but the truth is that most plans are too long, too complicated and they are not written with the target audience in mind. There are three key things to bear in mind...

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              • Our MD Jonathan Pfahl

                Over £1m invested in young businesses in 2 days by Rockstar Mentoring & James Caan

                Latest Press Release Rockstar Youth, a subsidiary of the Rockstar Group, the UK’s leading private mentoring organisation that supports entrepreneurs and businesses launch and growth, is driving the success of the government’s Youth Start Up Loans Programme, having cut red tape and co...

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                • Steve Parker

                  Protecting your IP - start by talking to your mentor?

                  Look I know I might be upsetting a section of business here but if and when you have a new product or service idea, talking to your mentor first might be a great investment. I handle new products and services regularly and one of the great benefits and problems is that we all get too excited?!! &...

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                  • Our MD Jonathan Pfahl

                    Rockstar Youth Mentee, Unibubble share great marketing tips in the Guardian today. Here is their article from today's Guardian.

                    As a startup, you may have the best product or service available in the market but until people are aware of your business, you don't have a business. Advertising plays a key role in raising awareness and securing new and repeat customers. One size won't fit all though. The way you choose to adv...

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                    • Our MD Jonathan Pfahl

                      KISS FM DJ, Charlie Hedges gives a great insight in Flava Magazine on How young people can grow their businesses with Rockstar Youth.

                      Kiss FM breakfast presenter Charlie Hedges tells us how the London based radio station and Rockstar Youth are giving you the chance to get your big business idea off the ground. Rockstar Youth help 18-30 year-olds become successful entrepreneurs by providing business mentors and extensive fundin...

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                      • Malcolm Durham

                        Business | Social Media – The SME Cashflow Index

                        The SME Cashflow Index We have all heard and read much about cashflow for SMEs recently. But the huge amount of statistics produced by the Banks, the Bank of England et al haven’t revealed the truth of what is actually happening. So I thought I’d have a look myself.With the help of C...

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