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    • Emmah

      Swooping from Real Estate to Real Assets

      Whenever one asset greatly outperforms all others it is definitely the time to sell it or at least diversifies an investment portfolio a little bit more. In recent years property was the number one asset, all investors liked to lay their hands on. In the same way as 80’s and 90’s wher...

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      • Emmah

        4 Common Alternative Investments All Investors Should Know

        Instability of the stock market pushed investors to search for new ways to invest their money. This is the reason why alternative investments are so popular nowadays. But what’s to be considered an alternative investment? In a broad sense, anything that’s not considered a traditional ...

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        • Jeff Meers

          Meers on 'SOCIAL' Social Networking is banktothefuture

          Simon Dixon, a friend of mine (gooner) launched a historic crowdfunding investment - for his own business! I have tracked his mission or campaign as he calls it for some time now. Last night at the glitzy roof gardens he put his proverbials on the line - £2m - you decide.

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          • Jeff Meers

            Meers on 'SOCIAL' Social Networking makes history in london

            Simon Dixon is making social networking history with banktothefuture. He is crowdfunding his own venture.  Instead of the banks and VC's deciding who gets funded - now ordinary folk - even with very modest means, decide on where the investment is made. The world's first transparent Crowdfu...

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            • Jeff Meers

              Meers on 'SOCIAL' Social Networking has been changed by banktothefuture crowdfunding

              Simon Dixon's courageuos and historic banktothefuture crowdfund investment is paying off. He had a rockstar mentor. The funding of the world's first people bank is gathering speed - check out the video and further details on the link:  You decide who gets funded...

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              • Duncan Andrews

                Duncan Andrews

                UK & Ireland IT Manager for the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer for nearly 10 years.   reduction) and print costs reduced by 25% In the 1990s I started an office supplies business with £1000 capital.  The turnover grew to £1,000,000 within 4 years . Currently working on starting ...

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                • Our MD Jonathan Pfahl

                  Invest In Yourself. Here's How...

                  When looking for investment it is important that you are pitching something that you have experience in and have a passion for.  You have to be able to show and prove that you have knowledge and experience within your chosen sector if you want investors to take you seriously.  But...

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