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Flat 65 Evelyn Court Evelyn Walk

telephone: 07495337259
Brief description: IDEAS CONCEPTS AND PRODUCTS is a nimble but ambitious business Start –Up managed by a Certified CIPR (MCIPR) Accredited PR Practitioner with over a decade of PR experience providing unique and focused Public Relations services to clients.
About Me

Anthony Olabode Ayodele is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Principal Consultant of Ideas Concepts and Products (ICP). 

He is a multi-discipline professional, certified (and versatile in some) in Journalism (NIJ), Public Relations (MCIPR), Digital Marketing (ADBL) Research (GSM), Training (PTLLS), Business Management (PLYMOUTH), Project Management (ALISON) and Risk Management (WORLD BANK). 

He, likewise, is CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner; a Certified Academy of Digital Business Leaders (ADBL) Digital Marketer (attained Three Star status, (Feb, 2016) and a BSc Hons degree holder in Business Management T&T (2.1) , University of Plymouth, UK
As part of a team or individually has been involved in research on Blue Chip organisations: Walt Disney, Kone and Ikea etc.. His papers are widely referenced and sought out on the web.

  Founder/CEO of PR outfit Ideas Concepts and Products (ICP) and Publisher/Managing Editor of BODE in Flight!

Author of Acquiring Success through the Power of Thought; presently conducting research on Knowledge Conversion from a Business Perspective.

He holds the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) certificate; a qualification for training. 

Papers, Projects and Presentations that he has undertaken available online include:
How the UK Economy Can Avoid a Triple Dip Recession (Video)
The  Gmmn-Sic-A Orbit" Business External Environment. Scanning Model (Paper)

Knowledge Conversion from a Business Perspective (Paper)
A Situational and Strategic Analysis of Ikea and the Future (Paper)
A Critical Evaluation of the Application of TQM at IKEA (Co-authored Paper)
A Situational Analysis of Thomas Cook (Co – Authored Paper)
Choosing a Strategic Option for Walt Disney International Marketing Strategy (Paper)
The Future of Golf using Nigeria as a Case Study (Video Presentation)
Has the UK become a Digital Nation (Paper)
Has the UK become a Digital Nation (Video Presentation)
Play Golf on the Trigger off Africa  (A golf variation  designed to solve the large turnover experienced in Golf Club membership- Video Presentation).

Just recently ICP has entered into an agreement with Rockstar Business world through its founder Jonathan Pfahl that will see the PR/ Digital Marketing firm  represent Rockstar Business World's interest in Nigeria and amongst Nigerians in The United Kingdom.

  Both organisations have also agreed to partner together  to help develop the African community in Diaspora from a Business perspective.  

Preview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o03noCbz-Yg
Twitter username: @ICPPubRelations
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Contact emailbodeayo67@yahoo.co.uk