Privacy, Security, and Safety

Rockstar Business World

Privacy Statement

(February 2016)




Rockstar Business World

Rockstar Business World (‘RBW’), a company registered in England and Wales, whose Registered Office is at Market Chambers,1 Blackfriars Street, Hereford, HR4 9HS Registered in England.


Contacting RBW

Questions about our Privacy Statement can be addressed to us at our registered office. 

What is RBW

RBW is a social network for business people.  RBW has been created to enable Members to present themselves and their business details in a business environment for viewing by other Members, Mentors and Online ( ie open to the public) so as to enable Members to communicate their details, products, services, ideas and opinions. All of the data and information so displayed is in the control of the Member and thereby is the Member’s sole responsibility. 


Data/information content

Member’s agree that by uploading their personal and business information they are placing this data/information in the Members’ domain which should be considered a public domain. 

RBW and all/any of its dependent companies are not responsible for the data/information, its content or accuracy.

RBW will remove or delete any data/information which it deems to be offensive, pornographic, abusive or inappropriate to the objectives of BGL as stated above.  Such removal of data/information shall be at the sole discretion of RBW and no notice of removal will be given.

Data processing

Alldata/information is held in our databases, in back-up and in archive form. Hard copy of some of the information in our databases is occasionally made, where necessary, to provide our services.  Our databases are maintained with the highest consideration for theirsecurity at all times.

Access to our databases is restricted to privileged employees through the use of passwords. Records may be retrieved, consulted, adapted, modified, copied or deleted from time to time however we rely upon our Members to complete any material changes to maintain the data accurate and up to date