Treasure Buddy USP

Treasure Buddy USP

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The Treasure Buddy addresses a number of unique aspects:-  a Savings Box that predominantly accommodates currency notes;  Encourages children to create and design their own Thank You card in response;  Embraces the multi cultural aspect with illustrations of children from a wide variety of backgrounds;  Appeals to parents and grandparents of minority groups looking to purchase a product their child can relate to;  Encourages the sending of a Thank You card upon the receipt of money in the post;  Engages children with creativity, handwriting, pride and gratitude;  Reinforces friendship groups of all kinds.

The Treasure Buddy is a savings box for children of all ages which includes a set of outlined Thank You cards & Envelopes, colouring pencils, stickers and a storybook.  The illustrations throughout feature eight friends (4 boys & 4 girls) from different backgrounds ie; an African Footballer, a chubby boyscout, a little girl in a wheelchair and so on - all with their arms around each other with the words 'This is me with my friends' written along the bottom of the Thank You cards and identified in the Storybooks.

The Treasure Buddy is to be manufactured in the UK from a plastic composite with a white outside and a variety of coloured linings - aimed at girls & boys preferences.  The stickers contained in the contents can be used to customise the luggage label type clasp with the child's own name.

The Treasure Buddy is an ethical and multi functional product and is only one of a number of boxes in mind for future production.  There are four different Thank You cards already designed with a further one available for the Xmas period.