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Advertise your business to a large relevant international audience.

  •   Only £27 plus vat per advert that will remain on the market place platform 

Rockstar Guide-How to optimise your advert?

Only £27 plus vat to create and build your own advert! One that will stay and remain on the market place and that you can continually optimise. Our goal is to help your business grow so purchase your ad and follow the steps to optimise it listed below.

This offer of a permanent advert is only for a limited time so do make sure you take it up!

Step 1: Make the title of the advert as close to the ideal search engine phrase you would like to be found by your new customers.

Step 2: Add at least 10 tags to the advert. This can combine single words or short phrases and are also linked to the key word search you would like search engines to pick up on

Step 3: Make the content as value filled as possible. Keep it short, sharp and offer some form of Special Offer, especially to other Rockstar Business World users. Similarly the image you choose needs to stand out and be relevant to your audience.

Step 4: Write a value filled blog. In the blog section, create a blog also using the same steps (1 & 2 as above). The blog is to position yourself as the expert in your field and to give more information and content about your business and sector. Do not sell in the blog, instead give relevant and interesting information.

Step 5: Add the blog link to the bottom of the advert content and the add link to the bottom of the blog content. This links two pieces of content from inside the platform which further enhances its optimisation.

Step 6: Get as many comments and relevant videos for both the advert and the blog as possible added to the comments section of both. Leverage off your own personal network and the other users to create engagement. Our team will of course be commenting regularly too. When we say videos, we are referring to highly watched You Tube videos whose title is the same as your advert and blog title. But non-competitive.

Step 7: Share the advert and the blog on all of your key social media platforms and encourage comments, likes and shares.

By following these steps, you will see a lot more traction and click-throughs from your advert to your landing pages. Not just from users in the platform but many outside it too.

For more help, please view some of our own adverts and blogs or contact us to ask for help.

To your success

RBW Team

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