Tom Kress
    Price GBP 350,000

    Financial Backing is required to get our versatile, robust submersible pump firmly established around the globe. A partnership or JV is also considered with the right person/company.

    The Versatile Brumby Pump is designed for simplicity, reliability, ability to cope with challenging water conditions and to fit into a variety of markets. 

    The pumps have been well proven with 1000 units operating around the globe. With the establishment of a solid foundation, effective marketing platforms and distribution channels, 10 to 50 Million Dollars pa profits are anticipated, as the pumps fit into many applications. Profit margins range up to 900% depending on market. Tooling is owned and manufacture is cost effective.

    An investment of $400,000 is sought mainly for marketing, infrastructure, development of wind and solar ancillary equipment and related products. A suitable partner is also considered.

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      • Tal Kelsey
        Tal Kelsey

        Excellent advertisement, Tom. Please remember that for free, you're able to share this ad across all your other social media mediums! In order to optimize this ad for Brumby Pumps, you should check out the Promote Yourself article in the promote section of the RBW platform. Cheers!

        • Tom Kress
          Tom Kress

          Thank you Tal. Working my way through some stuff. May have some questions. Your help and input is greatly appreciated. Talk soon