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“Mentoring – whisper it and we might just be able to help you” A cynical businessman’s view who then became a mentor! - by Rockstar Mentor Steve Parker

    Steve Parker

    Blimey everyone seems to be offering Mentoring these days don’t they?! We thought we should get a personal view from one of our mentors, about why we might be different and therefore why you should use our network of ‘expert mentors’. Here are his thoughts…

    “When I was young and very ambitious (as opposed to older and still ambitious), a mentor was just someone you decided you wanted to be like, or who took you under their wing and helped you. It wasn’t something to be sold and you certainly never let a stranger become one. The problem was, and still is today, that you often could not admit to colleagues what you didn’t know, particularly if you were/are in a very senior position. You also thought that no one could possibly understand your company and industry as well as you. Managing Directors, in particular, are supposed to know everything, aren’t they? 

    At one stage, in ‘times of need’, you might have decided to call in your local Business Link adviser, but in later years you realised that they were targeted with trying to sell you something and were therefore not always giving you entirely unbiased and free advice.

    So who to turn to?

    Where can you find someone not trying to sell you anything; someone who has been and still is successful, and just wants to help. Someone who can very quickly understand you and your business and actually add value, whilst leaving you in control? Someone who can put you in touch with their contacts without wanting anything more than the satisfaction of helping you to succeed?

    I was surprised and flattered when I was first invited to become a mentor with a leading private UK organisation and now work with many people and companies, primarily helping with getting products to market and almost anything to do with international trade.

    I mentor primarily for two reasons:

    1.  Firstly, if I have consistently created a few £Million pounds of sales for a few companies (and still do), then almost anyone can.

    2.  Secondly, I wished that in those very ambitious days, someone had given me the confidence to do even better, and to stop me from doing ridiculous ‘great deals’ that ultimately hurt – mentally and financially!

    The key to mentoring is TRUST.

    Trust that your mentor will keep all your confessions & information confidential, and won’t use them for their own commercial advantage. Trust that they will encourage and let you do what is right for YOU and your company.


    Rockstar charge for mentoring because it is valuable and we only use carefully selected mentors who are willing to help you. We have a team with expertise in all areas and sectors of business. Select the mentor who you can comfortably - and sometimes uncomfortably - let inside your world.

    Talk to us. We are different.

    I’d love to connect with you soon - Steve Parker

    If you enjoyed this article and would like to get in touch with Steve, you can do so by emailing alma@rockstarmentoringlive.com. We’d be happy to have a chat.