Best Team Building Tips from the Australian Continent

    Tracey Clayton

    In order to function “as a team”, coworkers need to achieve more than just traditional, professional bonds. The best collaboration is achieved through creating and maintaining strong, personal relationships among the team members. To help build this type of a bond, the business world came up with team building exercises. Here are some awesome team building tips from Australia.

    It’s collaboration, not competition


    In order to improve employee motivation, management often comes up with various competitions. While this can be very effective, if too much emphasis is placed on the contest element, the employees will start getting more focused on winning than on learning how to cooperate. Competitiveness is great, but it is often expressed as a completely blinkered dash to reach the finish line. In order to solve a problem, your staff needs to work together.

    Team building exercises are for everyone


    One of the biggest issues with team building is the diversity of your employees. While some workspaces often employ people who flock together based on similar interests (for example, programmers are often also video game enthusiasts), in the vast majority of instances, people will have a variety of extracurricular interests that your employees might not share amongst each other. It is hugely important that you make the team building accessible to everyone. The essence here is finding an event that everybody in the office loves. If that’s impossible (which will likely be the case), it is your job to make sure that no one is left out – the employees who end up feeling like they don’t belong don’t give optimal performance and aren’t motivated. Consider their interests, physical fitness and the health condition of everyone involved – whether it’s yoga, kayaking, rock-climbing or surfing, Australia offers a ton of interesting team building activities.

    Don’t make team building extra-curricular


    …unless we’re talking about going out for a couple of drinks with your entire team. In truth, no matter how interesting a team building exercise you happen to choose, it’s never going to beat your employees’ free time – they will always prefer doing whatever they love doing on their own initiative. You could make the event mandatory, but this isn’t advisable, as a team building exercise is supposed to feel as relaxed as possible. The best way to go is making a sacrifice on your part – half a workday, an entire workday, or even an entire week. This way, you are investing into your employees’ motivation and work.

    Take them on an exciting road trip


    The Aussie continent is so vast that the majority of the people living there haven’t really explored it properly – a staggering number of interesting animal species, breathtaking locations and interesting cultures just wait to be explored, and turning this into a team building effort is a fantastic idea. Pick your destination, opt for a trusted and safe coach hire in Sydney and set off with your employees into fun and adventure!

    Or just go out of the office


    Sure, time isn’t always right for road trips, but time at the office can become extremely exhausting and tedious, especially during the gorgeous Australian summer. Well, plan a business meeting in the wild! Round up your employees in front of the office and go on a business walk; this can be incredibly fun and useful!

    These five team building tips will help you run a more positive, functional and overall satisfied office. Focus on collaboration rather than on competition, do not let anyone feel left out, organize team building events during work hours and don’t be afraid to take the team out for a stroll, walk, or even a road trip.