Steve's client's comment (3)

    Steve Jessop
    By Steve Jessop

    ‘Steve is a straight talker who knows his subject matter inside-out. He is well organised and clear thinking, which enables him to get to the heart of the matter quickly and work with managers and their teams to recognise the sales gaps and set in place the actions required to close them.  In doing this he enables the managers and their teams to recognise, understand, and acknowledge these gaps and become a committed part of the plans to resolve them.   As a coach he leads from the front with impressive credibility. My teams have got great value from his input over the years, and so have I. Many years’ on I still hear from ex-employees and colleagues that these were some of the best sessions they have experienced, and they still refer to, and use the ideas and concepts to this day.’  Steve Allen.  VP & GM EMEA Operations. Coverity Inc. (Ex SVP EMEA BEA Systems).