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    Steve Jessop
    By Steve Jessop

    ‘Steve showed me how to manage sales activity so that we could build our pipeline – something I was struggling with. He worked with me to construct the tools to facilitate this. He demonstrated how to sell business value and develop relationships at the top table which included directly supporting us in the front line. An example was in preparing and participating in selling and negotiating with one of our industry’s ‘top 5’ names. The winning of this contract contributed significantly to our high profile in the sector.  He later prepared role & person specs for a BDM and we subsequently hired a quality professional sourced from his network who is a productive member of my team to this day.  Steve came to us at a critical time and put in place a sales structure that has endured and helped to guide us in everything we do.  When he started with us we were small and needed hands on advice which produced tangible results.  He played an important role in putting our sales plan on track.’   David Piggin.  Managing Director & Founder Ltd