4 Ways to Impress Your Potential Investors

    Tracey Clayton

    A lot of people make a mistake of believing that having a great idea is all that it takes to achieve success. However, without the means to put your plans into action and lay out a proper business infrastructure, your idea won’t do you much good. This is why you need to draw some investors in. Another bad assumption that inexperienced entrepreneurs make is believing that a good idea on its own is enough to make investors interested in your business. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way things work either. In order to attract some serious investors, you need to find a way to impress them first and here are four techniques that usually work.

    Act like a professional

    Keep in mind that the impression that you leave on these potential investors is going to reflect strongly on your business as a whole. This is why you should always go to a meeting prepared and act like a professional. You need to start working on your self-confidence seeing as how you won’t be able to present an idea properly if you yourself are not convinced it will work. Next, you need to look the part, which is why you should always be dressed and groomed adequately for the occasion. Sure, an eccentric billionaire genius can get away with a casual look but an aspiring entrepreneur has some expectations to meet.

    Prepare your presentation

    Another thing you need to do is prepare your presentation as best as you can. While spontaneity is great, it is always better to be prepared for the occasion. The best way to do so is prepare a great PowerPoint presentation as it will contain both a visual stimulus and a plan for you to follow. Aside from this, you should probably practice in front of the mirror in order to see if there is anything regarding your non-verbal communication that needs to be improved. Some people even use this as a way of overcoming their fear of public speaking.

    Win them over on a personal level

    In an ideal world, every business decision would be made objectively after a careful consideration. Nonetheless, this is not how things work. A lot of people make these decisions based on a ‘gut feeling’, which can be quite subjective.

    On the other hand, there is a certain amount of logic behind this. You see, if you did manage to win them over, you might do so with your other business partners and customers, as well. This would mean that their money is safe in your hands and that doing business with you might be worth their while. You can do this through personal meetups, attention to detail and personalized gifts. Numerous NSW-based businesses recently turned towards engraving companies from Sydney in order to create personalized gifts, and in this way, impress their investors on a personal level.

    Talk about real issues

    Finally, you are a business owner and not a con-artist, which means that if you want people to trust you with their money, you need to tell them exactly what they will get in return. Start with an elaborate, yet simplified, market analysis and tell them why your service/product is going to have a positive response. Next, talk about ROI they can expect from that investment and the way in which your company’s scalability is going to affect them. These several topics alone are bound to make them trust you a bit more and sometimes this is all that it takes.


    At the end of the day, you need to keep in mind that when you accept an investor, they might expect to have a say in the future course of your company. This can be a potential problem seeing as how two people with the same interest don’t have to share the same vision. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that the fact that someone is offering you money doesn’t always mean that you should accept it. Choose your investors wisely and you just might make the future of your company much safer.