How to Impress Business Partners at Corporate Meetings

    Tracey Clayton

    In the world of business, meetings are an important part of the cycle. They serve for negotiations, tweaking of details and progress checks, and in general, they contain a fair amount of posturing. While, of course, the main objective is to dazzle your current or potential partners with your expertise and experience, it doesn’t hurt to impress them with your general hospitality and class either. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and respected, and with business partners, especially important ones, a lot of the times special treatment is not optional. Here are a few tips on how to make your partners feel important.


    Make them feel welcome

    From the get go, your partners should feel welcome. If you are paying for the expenses of their stay in, for example Sydney, make sure you book them solid travel arrangements and decent accommodation. Always check beforehand whether the hotel meets your standards. Be organized, and don’t leave anything to chance. Don’t forget to organize transport from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa. If you want to impress them, opting for a limo hire in Sydney to drive them from the airport is a nice touch that won’t leave them indifferent. Have meals planned, and plan to take them to a meal or sightseeing if the schedule allows it. Business trips can be exhausting even when everything runs smoothly. Your task, in short, is to make the trip as effortless as possible for them, by making sure everything is planned and organized in advance.


    Show respect with a gift

    Gift giving on these occasions is the norm, and your partner might feel offended if you skip this step. Your company’s promotional material is perfect as part of the gift. Choose something that carries your logo in a visible place, or, if you are part of the production process, you could even gift them your product, depending on how practical it is as a gift. If your partner is from a different country or region, the second part of the gift could be a product that is typical for the area your company is located. The national drink of your country, for instance, is a popular choice. However, be aware that some cultures and religions prohibit alcohol.


    Organize the meetings well

    The business part of the visit should run especially smoothly. After all, that is why your guests are here. Choose the venue for the meetings for maximum comfort and professionalism. Your conference room should feel welcoming, and be equipped with everything you might need for the meetings. Check beforehand whether everything is in order: is the conference room cleaned? Are there refreshments ready? Is your internet connection good? Is all the equipment in working order and compatible in ways you intend to use it? Does all the software you might need work well? Are all your colleagues aware that your partners are coming, and what resources you will be needing? Do all your employees know the rules of proper business etiquette? If you are unsure, talk to them about the appropriate ways to communicate with your guests, depending on how well you know your partners, and how formal or informal your communication is. While your partners might not notice that everything is going smoothly, they are sure to notice if you run into problems.


    While some of these things might seem extraneous, the truth of the matter is, if you want to close (or keep) a deal, your partners need to be happy. Business is only one factor in their satisfaction, and showing to them that they are important to you might add the special touch that will raise their confidence in you and cement the deal.