6 Tips for Organizing Your Small Business

    Tracey Clayton

    The first step towards productivity is being organized – the former is borderline impossible to achieve without the latter. Luckily, even without natural organizational skills, with the help of the internet, you can do wonders for getting your business and workspace organized. Here are 6 tips that will help you get more productive.



    One of the biggest motivation and productivity killers, clutter incorporates everything from dust to general office mess and this is absolutely unacceptable. But why does clutter even exist? It’s fairly simple, we think that almost everything is important, so we don’t throw useless stuff out, which tends to stack, creating a mess and a large number of areas accessible only for the dust to settle and thrive.

    Create a list of every single item in your office (yes, it will take time, but it will be worth it) and throw away everything that is outdated, duplicated, or simply no longer relevant.

    Pro tip: clutter covers everything from broken electronics, to old voice messages, so clean everything up, thoroughly.


    Get rid of useless paper receipts

    There's a reason why we didn't refer to these as ‘clutter'. Simply put, clutter is a consequence of people's over-attachment to objects and the lack of strength to get rid of them, while receipts are kept for a justifiable reason – they are legally-binding proofs of the transaction. Well, at least it used to be so – nowadays, even the IRS accepts electronic copies of receipts, so there really is no reason to hold onto a physical one anymore, so as long as you use a receipt management scanner or app on your phone, to have the receipts scanned and safely stored.



    Organize your inbox

    If you are using your personal email for business purposes, we kindly suggest that you change this, not just for the sake of appearing and being more professional, but because your personal life online clutter has no place in business (and vice-versa). Of course, if you have been using the same business email for some time now, chances are that it is cluttered with unread messages, which are not only a terrible sight to see, but also slow down your browser and increase the chances of skipping out on an important mail.

    We suggest using Inbox, the brand new innovation from Gmail that allows you to check emails as ‘done’, moving them to a ‘done’ category, which means that you don’t have to delete them, but that you don’t have to look at the clutter every day either.    

    Get all the necessary equipment

    A business cannot work without proper equipment and this includes everything from PC units, desks and office chairs, to printers, water dispensers, vending machines and labeler units. You need to write down a list on a physical piece of paper and start ticking items off. Start by finding where you can buy each item; for example, DymoOnline offers quality label writers, regardless of the size of your company.


    Pay attention to your books

    Things such as invoicing, processing payments, recording expenses and tracking projects are far from mere mouthfuls. If you don’t have some kind of process in place to cover these, you need to come up with one ASAP and, if you already have a certain way of handling this, update it by checking for apps on the market that can help you tackle these boring administrative tasks at maximum ease and efficiency!



    Tying up legal loose ends is a key factor in improving the business organization. For starters, is filing a DBA (Doing Business As) something you’ve never gotten around to? Next, take care of that Tax ID number and check if your licenses and permits are all in order. Finally, file an Articles of Amendment to record potential corporation and LLC changes with the state.