5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Brand Strategy

    Tracey Clayton
    5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Brand Strategy

    There’s no doubt that establishing brand awareness and recognition has enormous value for a successful business. Every business aims at gathering more leads and establishing bigger revenues, and in the sea of activities that they undertake, brand strategy is the foundation upon which their businesses, products or services are built.

    However, this process is a continuum and it is of great importance to do it well and to know where to start. The mission is to constantly expand the number of people who know who you are, what you do and see you as the obvious choice.

    To achieve this goal, here are 5 ideas how to build your brand awareness strategy:

    Know yourself

    You need to start from yourself, so make sure you truly understand who you are and what you stand for and organise your actions and environment accordingly. Deeper understanding of your own values, mission and vision will contribute to your authenticity, which is one of the imperatives of business success. Your uniqueness will give you an advantage and a competitive edge.

    Create prominent events

    You need to get out there and make yourself known – plan events that involve a number of people interested in your brand, e.g. food and wine festivals, gaming conventions, expos, music festivals or activist campaigns, where you can also take an active part. This increases your visibility and influence and also gives you fantastic resources for your video and writing material.

    Own the media

    Modern media provides fantastic opportunities to build and expand brands – suddenly, everything is bigger, better and faster. You can literally just use your phone – you are the source and you own the brand. Become the media – share information, tips, ideas, podcasts, interviews, or videos via blogs. As the BrandWorks brand activation strategy proves - it is essential to cut through the media noise and make your name and offer stand out. You must live and breathe social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Be proactive – rummage through blogs, visit fairs, investigate the streetscapes for inspiration. Do all this in order to push your ideas forward as the ones that are a “one-of-a-kind experience”.

    Pick your niche

    The pressure is unbearable when you try to do everything yourself. You can’t be everything to everyone. Delegate the work and choose your target market, narrow it down by specializing in one product or service or aiming at a specific demographic (e.g. young working parents trying to balance life and work). Address this target market on their own turf – write your message in a way they want to see it, using the methods and mediums they like. Once your brand represents your identity, you can get really creative.

    Be friendly

    Spread your tentacles and make friends. Share your ideas and knowledge, help and give advice whenever you can. Educate and teach, so people can look up to you as a leader and mentor. Kindness and generosity go a long way and appeal to human hearts much faster than anything else. The same goes for the idea of giving before getting – this is something that will create a large base of fans and fans are the ones who build brands. Word-of-mouth recommendation is the best your brand can get.

    Marketing and branding are like a battlefield – you constantly fight to be found, recognised and eventually chosen. It is a constant and conscious effort and persistence to promote your brand and your values in a way that gives you not just an advantage over others, but also a human face that will stick in people’s minds and be remembered as unique and worthwhile.