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The Convergence of Content Marketing and Social Media

    By Emmah

    If you decide to add good-quality content to your marketing mix, you should know that content marketing strategy is founded on three main pillars. One is the content creation itself, and the other two are SEO and social network strategies that enable visitors to flock in and check it out. Of course, posting your content on social networks is not the only way to promote it. You can send it via newsletters or ask other bloggers to link to your blog post, but social networks are still the most powerful source of leads. This is driven by current trends and advanced targeting options social networks are offering. Importance of social networks in content marketing is constantly growing, and it is reaching the levels where content will be fully integrated in social network platforms.

    Content Marketing and Social Media

    From sharing your vacation photos to Instant Articles feature


    First businesses that realized that successful content marketing strategy can’t work without a broad social media presence are social media companies themselves. Facebook is the first of many social networks that is trying to incorporate great content into their system and become number one web spot for content publishers. Photos were part of this strategy from the very start and in recent years we saw the emergence of Facebook video that is trying to topple YouTube as a number one video sharing platform.

    When it comes to textual content, Facebook first introduced their Notes app, but also had a more recent attempt to win over publishers with the release of Instant Articles platform, which was launched in May last year. This relatively new Facebook feature provides many different tools that are making publishers’ work easier. It offers top notch analytics, advanced and responsive formatting and advertising tools that guarantee publishers a 70% of the price of every ad click.


    Other networks and marketing platforms


    LinkedIn has been offering its publishing feature for a long time now. It is considered one of the best places for professionals to share their thoughts and expertise. Twitter went from 140 character messages to photos and videos; and Tumblr can be viewed as both social network and mini-blogging platform.

    Content Marketing and Social Media

    Content marketing platforms are another place where content and social network strategies meet. Content marketing platforms are currently developing advanced social media capabilities. This trend is also recognized by several top digital marketing gurus, like Andrew Raso for example. Some of the top content players like: Kapost, Contently and NewsCred, are going down this road. This process also goes other way around. Sprinklr, which is one of the top pieces of social media software, released their content marketing platform that offers a long list of features from calendaring, to turning ideas into headlines. It also enables content and community managers to create their own newsrooms and incorporate their content strategy into the broad social media presence.

    Since content marketing and social media are quickly converging, future publishers will need to become experts in community management, and community managers will also need to learn a thing or two about content creation, scheduling and SEO. In the future, social networks may take over the whole content marketing niche and upstage platforms like WordPress or Joomla. This means that future entrepreneurs won’t need to go through the whole process of buying domains, purchasing hosting packages dealing with WordPress or some other CMS. Their social network profiles and accounts will serve as blogging platforms and the place where visitors will read their content, see information about their business and purchase their products and services. This way, social networks will take over a big part of internet space and become huge bases of knowledge, business and leisure. 

      • Paul Comyn
        Paul Comyn

        It will be interesting to see what impact Microsoft will have on LInkedIn.