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      • Emmah
        Employee productivity is hard to maintain because there’s always going to be something in the way. It’s your job to provide the employees with the system that will help them work better and more productively.
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          Proper branding can increase the value of your business, give direction and motivate your team, as well as provide your customers with something to lean on.
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            A good ‘numbers person’ can save you time and money, while helping your business grow. Alternatively, a bad one will cause you to lose money, so finding the perfect accountant is not a task that should be taken lightly.
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              Emmah published a blog post 5 Tips to Engage and Motivate Your Employees
              CEOs tend to fall into a particular trap as their business expands. It becomes less about humans and more about numbers. The dehumanizing atmosphere begins to spread from the top and everyone can feel it.
              • Emmah
                Everybody is a potential customer because everybody can see an ad on a website of any kind. If traveling salespeople had had this to help them, they would have probably sold a lot more products.
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                    A study by Gartner showed that 42% of companies with less than 1,000 employees outsource their data centers, while 28% say they will do it within a year’s time. And there are numerous reasons why so many companies are deciding to hand over their...
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                      Emmah published a blog post Ways to Fund a Startup on a Tight Budget
                      Every startup owner must endure difficulties and overcome challenges on their way to success. In fact, one of the most difficult challenges startups face is obtaining proper funding.
                      • Emmah
                        Although your employer is legally obligated to provide you with a safe working environment, every profession has its own potential hazards, whether they are physical, emotional or psychological, leading to some form of harm to your health and...
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                          Emmah published a blog post 7 Print Tips to Help Promote Your Business
                          7 Print Tips to Help Promote Your Business
                          Doing business in the digital era usually means subjecting every single aspect of your business to the online platform. From social networking to brand-promotion via any of the available digital streams, your business is expected to have an online...
                          • Emmah
                            Today’s market is highly competitive and it’s very important to stand out among skilful competitors. In order to do so, successful candidates for future leaders need to possess some skills and traits that most employers place a great...
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                              Emmah published a blog post How to Make Money through Digital Currency?
                              The Internet is an exciting place full of opportunities. Still, finding the right way to make money is never a simple thing and it usually takes quite a bit of research. While for most people this would include creating a startup or selling a skill,...
                              • Emmah
                                If you’ve always dreamt about preserving the environment or even spearheading the efforts of waste management, toxic waste reduction and greenhouse gas emission reduction, this year is the perfect time to start your journey.
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                                  Emmah published a blog post Tips for Making Money While Still in College
                                  Tips for Making Money While Still in College
                                  A college education can be quite expensive. When thinking about college expenses, most people only calculate the money they need for tuition fees.
                                  • Emmah
                                    Emmah published a blog post How Do You Know It's Time to Relocate Your Office
                                    It’s a bitter-sweet moment in the life of every company, but it has to happen. At some point, a company outgrows its first office.
                                    • Emmah
                                      It’s a well-known and documented fact that it’s much easier and financially rewarding to maintain an existing client than it is to attract a new one.
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                                            Emmah published a blog post 7 Quick Tips About Business You Need to Know
                                            When it comes to asking for advice in the business world, people usually don’t know where to start. T